"I feel it in my fingers, i feel it in my toes. love is all around me"

C: I bought a few large white tees the other day and they really inspired me to jazz them up. So i dug threw my attic and found some old fabrics. I cut out a square of this vintage floral fabric, and sewed a nice pocket to my shirt. I also cut the seves shorter and the bottom to make it less like a dress! Then i tucked it into a pair of levi jean shorts..popped on some vintage boots..pinned back a few strands of hair, and headed off to the movies. Try it, whats the risk? And don't forget to let me know how it turns out!


I know I have been found but I still believe that one day I will wake up, You’ll be next to me.

Leaving for Virginia Beach tomorrow, which means I won't be able to post for a couple of days but don't worry Cas will still be here to do so! I've fallen in love with the song You by Michael Warren, you have to listen to it! I was listening to it while I was taking these pictures, the whooolleeee time. Oh that reminds me, in the pictures above I was wearing my dad's old t-shirt, UO leggings, and vintage heels. Au revoir, xxxxx!

"Tearin' it up, and we're burnin' it down".

I found this jean jacket shoved in the back of my closet the other day, and knew there had to be something I could do to it! I decided to rough it up! I found a few good knives, scissors, sand paper, and my personal favorite-- bleach (also known as acid wash). After ripping it up enough to my standards, I headed outside with some bleach. Pouring it into the lid and splattering it over my new and improved jean jacket, gave it the touch it needed! (While also seeping into the deep cut i had just made with those handy dandy knives). I'm hoping to add some studds to my jean project too!! Let me know what yah think??
---hommade jean jacket, h&m leggings, fruit of the loom mens tee, and second hand heels.


Cars aren't for showing how far you've gone but how far you can go.

Wearing an old button down shirt, biker shorts, Dr.Marten boots.
Trees swayin' in the summer breeze, 
Showin' off their silver leaves, 
As we walked by, 
Soft kisses on a summer's day, 
Laughing all our cares away,
Just you and I, 
Sweet sleepy warmth of summer nights, 
Gazing at the distant lights, 
In the starry sky.
- A Summer Song Chad & Jeremy


For I must be travelling on, now, ’cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see.

Posting quick, have to leave for my soccer practice. I promise i'll make a better post when I get home! xxxxxx.
Just adding to her post! I just wanted to let everyone know that when we write C or M before a post it means: me-casey(C) or maggie(m). :)

Them summer days, those summer days.

big overalls practically falling off, rolled at the bottom
bare-feet. nice and covered in dirt
messy bun with thin braids dangling here & there
red bandana slopply tied around my sun-crisped head
& ofcourse string bracelets filling my arm with memories
+++ them summer days, those summer days.


You've got style, that's what all the girls say.

Made this high waisted skirt just now, cut it from an extremely long skirt we had sitting in our attack. What do ya think?? xxxx.

These boots are made for walking.

I was looking at the Urban Renewal collection at Urbanoutfitters.com and was inspired to make something of my own! Ta-da! It's not a very exciting shirt but it's a start. First thing I did was actually make the shirt, then I stitched the arms to keep them folded, and I may bleach it later. What do you think? Good for a first timer I believe, or hope? Comment telling me what else I should add to this shirt to make it crazy!
SEEYA. xxxx.

You've got me spendin'.

I have $1,940.76 worth of clothes and accessories in my cart at Urbanoutfitters.com! Crazy right? I guess I just got caught up in all of their big tees and leather leggings! I love how their Urban Renewal clothes show a simple little picture tutorial of how you can make their clothes/accessories. I think i'm going to try it out? Wish me luck! I'll tell you how it turns out :/!
P.S... Still haven't figured out when I'll wear my new heels and dress that I talked about a couple posts back! Helppppppp...
Ciao! xxxx.

I turn my camera on tonight.

I took this photo of mag yesterday holding my dads vintage camera, and we loved it because you can see the trees and sunset in the reflection of the lense. I wish it came out bigger because before I upload it was a giant! But I'm going to our family party today and I will be sure to get some good photographied shots:) ...+++


You dance, you smile, the guys go wild.

Got back from the movie "The Ugly Truth" not to long ago, I thought it was really funny and a pretty good movie! I'd definetly reccomend it. It was beautiful out so we thought we'd take a quick-pic before we headed off!


Today's outfits.
(Casey's dress - Free People)
(Maggie's shirt - Hand made, Tights - unknown, Boots - Dr. Martens, Vest- unknown)


Welcome back Cas! I missed not having another person on the blog :( ^Above is a picture of Mary Kate Olsen. Some of you may think i'm crazy but i'm absolutely in love with her style, (and those funky sunglasses). I love her spin on the bohemian style, big shirt, baggy pants, and messy hair. There's a $5 sale at Urban Outfitters online, I think i'm going to buy a couple things. Still deciding on what, maybe a couple studded bracelets, off the shoulder shirts, skinny jeans, and some heels? Hmmmm... I'll tell you what I decide!
LOVE... xxxx.



Just got the new Harpers Bazaar magazine! I love it and all the new trends coming out, I think the green heels with studs on them are sooooo cute!!! I am planning on ordering them, only $12 for a whole 24 months, YAY!. Well it's time for beddy bye.. +++


Finally back from Rhode Island!! I also visited Block Island today which was awesome, I got to go moped-ing, hangout on the beach and, SHOPP! I got an awsome pair of pumps with every color imaginable in them :) But here are some pics from my mini vacation, enjoy!. +++



Heyyy everyone! Just stopping by because I am going up to Rhode Island for a few days and don't know if i'm gonna be able to reach a computer!! HOPEFULLY :) Sorry there's no picture to go with this post, didnt have time. Well I will post as soon as I can! Its all up to you magg!!! ++



Metallics, ruffles, or fringe? Pick your favorite stlye and leave a comment letting us know! Once we have enough votes we will figure the top fashion stlye of the the week!!



If they want to rock they rock If they want to roll they roll They can roll with the punches Long as they feel like they're in control.

You make me dizzy, Miss Lizzy, The way you rock'n'roll.

Morning! On may way to get babysit, but before I do so I wanted to say hey! Have you read the new Urban Outfitters magazine? I'll add more pictures soon! Stay posted, xxxx.



Video Casey and I made with a friend of ours. Inspired by a video we viewed a while back, forget the name? Enjoy your days, it's so nice here!! xxxx


Hey, just got back from a fun day in town. Maggie's wearing a UO sweater, cross body bag, and Levi jean shorts. Casey was wearing a second hand shirt, hand-cut jeans, UO sandals, and a Topshop belt. Here's some shots from our day out!! :)


Let's get some shoes.

Too many shoes!


From left to right: Elie Saab, Thakoon Resort (2010), Christian Dior, Balenciaga I hope you like these outfits, the were some of the few that Stood out to me in the recent fashion shows! I thought the Thakoon Resort dress was very vibrant and I loved the ruffle Towards the middle. Also, Christian Dior’s sunflower headpiece Was very eye catching, love Balenciaga’s new skirt design too!



Blahhh. It's Friday!! Took pictures of my sister today with tons of jewelry on and a black cap.


Just the norm.

Summer lovin' had me a blast Summer lovin' happened so fast I met a girl crazy for me Met a boy cute as can be Summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights


Vintage Style

Vintage inspired pictures of Casey and I, what do you think of them?I love the classic hippie headband look mixed with the vintage cross-body bag. Even though this look isn't high fashion or couture, it's still nice to go out in a pair of jean shorts and a baggy shirt once and awhile. Don't you think?