pocketful of sunshine

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vintage jean jacket, lord&taylor leather leggings, LF top, thrifted chain &glasses, pagmina scarf, ninewest boots
C: As i walked into my garage today after school, i saw how striking the sun was... i knew i had to take some shots. Anyways, i only have 13 days until Florida, cant wait!! So sick of this fffrreezzzing weather. But also! My mom booked us flights to go to L.A. for april vacation. We're hoping to rent a convertible and travel all around Southern California. Wow, i can't wait to wake up to the smell of venice beach and go rollerblading right on the coast to the sunrise.. I also have a dance next friday! So get ready for loads&loads&LOADS of pictures after the next couple weeks! +++i'm out.


L.A girls

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UO Top, UO Skirt, French Connection blazer
I hate winter.
I hate being pale.
I hate my hair getting dark.
I hate cold.
I love the summer.
I love being tan.
I love my hair light.
I love hot.



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Casey: Jimi Hendrix tee, levi jean shorts, f21 headband, thrifted shoes, unknown socks, bracelets from everywhere
Maggie: LF jeans, Doc martens, Thrifted blazer, unknown shirt & beanie, more bracelts from everywhere!
C: Hey dudes. Sorry about the slow posting! It was our first study-free weekend in a LONG time. Here's just a few outfits we threw together while at my house recently! I've been waiting for the perfect chance to bust out these brown wedges... Anyways, i've been watching lots of movies lately: Up (which was so cute), The Orphan (creepy, but a good movie), and Raising Hellen (just simply a good movie). Any others you enjoyed for next weekend? :) Well off to paint my nails with some new polish! +++i'm out.
PS. i just got my cartilage pierced (even though i haven't worn earings in ages), but photos coming soon with that!!


Hellen Keller's grandkid..

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thrifted heels, unknown tights, urban sweater, thrifted necklace & lace shirt
C: So i was mostly up at my grandmas house this weekend, pretty much inside studying.. THE WHOLE TIME! Midterms this week, 1 down. 4 to go :/ Anyways i managed to snap a few shops in the bedroom i slept in.. it was nice and vintage just the way i like it. I was hoping to get down to the avenue to stop by: Free People, LF, Michael Kors, and a few more favorite stops. Unfortunetly i had to get back early because it was SLEETING outside. Although i did see "The Lovely Bones" with my friend, it definitely kept me entertained although it was someone strange. hahaha. but i would recommend it.. i think. Anyways, off to have some yummy dinner and do more studying (blech). +++i'm out.
Ps. I thought i would let you know that my grandma (whose house these photos are from), her name is Hellen Keller! She's not the real one though, just happened to fall in love with Norman Keller. :)


Who doesn't love some accessorizing?

“If we develop a passion for something when we are young, chances are we will still feel passionate about the same thing well into adulthood. The beauty of jewellery is that it holds our memories; a love for jewellery can be inspired at any age and hopefully indulged for a lifetime.We recently found out about this cute site which sells children's jewellery called "Molly Brown Designer Girls Jewellery." They have earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and you can even design jewellery using many of their charms from her various collections. It was started in May 2006 by a women who was inspired by her daughter to create Molly Brown. It is described by Vogue to be the "Tiffany's for girls," and is now the UK's leading children's jewellery brand. Everything is made using precious metals and they are easily recognizable through the Molly Brown sterling silver logo tag. They're great gifts for kids, I know my sister would love the Red Christmas Fairy Charm. The jewellery is designed to be worn forever, and is very simple yet sophisticated for young girls. Their new hit thing is the Initial Necklace, so don't forget to check that out! Everything is fairly cheap and can easily be ordered off their site. When you order off of the site you get free luxurious gift wrapping from the comfort of your house, and if your purchase isn't right for you it can easily be returned/exchanged. Everything is wrapped in sumptuous brand packaging which is created to reflect the core values of the Molly Brown gift, something to treasure.If you ever need help finding the perfect gift, they have gift guides which will help you find exactly what you're looking for. We have never purchased anything from this site, but we sure will be when one of our siblings birthdays role around. Make sure to check it out!


Just for a laugh:)

M: Hahahahaha.... is all I have to say.
Found this video of us from the summer, oh I miss those days.
Vote for me to be the next g-star reporter of the g-star fashion show!



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Thrifted shirt, H&M leggings,UO shoes
C:Howdy! It's finally our 4 day weekend, and i am so glad this week of school is over! Next week is midterms though, so that means i'm going to be STUDY STUDY STUDYING for these next 96 hours. Anyways, only 28 days until florida.. i'm already counting down the days. It's just too cold for me up here! Well tonight's just a laid back night, so i'll keep yah updated on anything fun that's happening:) +++i'm out.



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H&M top, Thrifted leather leggings
M: California, OH I want to be there right now.


turn the music up!

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Maggie's Outfit: H&M dress, thrifted heels, unknown leather jacket
Casey's Outfit: UO dress, vintage jacket, thrifted heels
C: Hey there! Here's a few photos from last night :) sorry that there is isn't too many... we were dancing the night away!!! And Maggie is in the first photo on the left in the purple, and I (Casey) am in the second photo on the right with the sequin jacket. It was loads of fun, I can't wait for more sweet 16's! +++i'm out.

Roman Originals


Hey everyone!

We have recently heard about this new clothing website called ‘Roman Originals’. It’s more for older women, but there’s certainly some great buys for us as well. But let your moms know about it, because they might enjoy it too! There’s also a lot of different ideas for evening wear. And you know those nights when you just need a nice sweater to put on over a fancy dress.. well we are thinking this may be the place to get it. Their pieces are very purchasable. You can order it online, or just call them and order over the phone. There’s all kinds of sales: dresses, knitwear, tops, blouses, jackets, skirts... and more! And you can sign up for their newsletter and get discounts! We have never bought/ordered something from there, but we’ll certainly be looking around their site for the next time we need a specific piece or even a gift for someone. They also have a blog writer! They write about the newest pieces, currently it’s a fur coat/jacket that looks extremely warm and comfy. And they’ve also written about some great evening gowns and other accessories. So everyone should go check it out, and tell us what you think!

evening wear

Thanks for reading,

Casey & Maggie



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UO top, unknown jacket, vintage beanie
M: Thanks for all the comments on our video :)! SO pumped for this weekend, Cas and I are going to our friends sweet sixteen anddweee gonna dance all night long. I decided on wearing a purple H&M dress, and Cas is wearing a black UO dress. Still deciding on what heels :/
Be ready for tons of pictures!



“But tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun”
- The Beetles
M: Now I know you may not want to read this, too much writing, too many words, I understand. This post is for me, to reflect on 2009, and look back on the good and the bad. Those 365 days consisted of so much, there were moments and memories that changed my life. I think about the time when we would run, without a care in the world, laugh until we clenched our stomachs, cried until no more tears could be shed, and screamed in both joy and anger. I think about the day this blog was started, how excited we were to hear from you guys! And now and then I sometimes think about how many things I could have changed about that year. Now that time is behind us, oh 2009, so much happened within you, but hopefully there is much more to continue. I will be happier, only think of the positive, and only cry of excitement... goodbye 2009, and HELLO 2010!
P.S Happy new year! 2010 BABY

doLL face

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f21 sequin skirt, vintage top, thrifted & h&m bracelets.
C: So i found this hanger in my closet, and couldn't get over how cute it was! Anyways, i'm hoping to take a trip to the mall today.. this is what i NEED: funky dress for a sweet16, basic oversized&graphic tees, some kind of coat!?!? So i'll let you know how that goes:) Oh! and i was at UO the other day and picked up some cut off mitten gloves and studded black shoes (somewhat like oxfords)! Be expecting more with our latest buys!! +++i'm out.