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We have recently heard about this new clothing website called ‘Roman Originals’. It’s more for older women, but there’s certainly some great buys for us as well. But let your moms know about it, because they might enjoy it too! There’s also a lot of different ideas for evening wear. And you know those nights when you just need a nice sweater to put on over a fancy dress.. well we are thinking this may be the place to get it. Their pieces are very purchasable. You can order it online, or just call them and order over the phone. There’s all kinds of sales: dresses, knitwear, tops, blouses, jackets, skirts... and more! And you can sign up for their newsletter and get discounts! We have never bought/ordered something from there, but we’ll certainly be looking around their site for the next time we need a specific piece or even a gift for someone. They also have a blog writer! They write about the newest pieces, currently it’s a fur coat/jacket that looks extremely warm and comfy. And they’ve also written about some great evening gowns and other accessories. So everyone should go check it out, and tell us what you think!

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