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C: first off, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Unfortunettly it came on a sunday this year:( But I went to a halloween party friday and saturday night. These photos are from saturday. It was a ton of fun, but i was so bummed that i left my camera battery in my charger, so i didn't get any pics. These were just a few photos my friend took before her camera died. I was a biker chick with my friend ashley. So NO that ciggarette is not real! haha, its a fake one i got in Lake George with my friend kristen (the one who was taylor swift in the first picture). Anyways, sorry about the slow updates! Mags been waiting to show you a vintage necklace she just got but her camera hasn't been working! WEll off to write an essay and read 94 pages by tomarrow... +++i'm out.
ps. i felt the need to add that last photo! it was my favorite costume of the night. my friend emma and her boyfriend nick were juno and polly bleaker :) hehe i loved it




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C: Went to the city this weekend for my friends biiirthday!! Unfortunetly we didn't really get to do any shopping, but we went ice skating at rockefeller center. It stinks you can't see the skates in this picture though... Anyways, the second pic is just us on the train, and i really liked the last one for some reason, with the whole blurry biker and the city lights.
Well i just ordered some over the knee boots, i can check that one off my list:) Loads of cute ones at piperlime.com!
army jacket:charlotte ruse (not a big fan of the store, but i loved the jacket)
jeans: LF
necklace: cargo bay
lace black shirt-thrifted
(also wore my new guess combat boots)


boots galore

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california palm trees
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NYC Fashion's Night Out with my friend Amanda
M: The rest of my pictures weren't uploading for some reason but i'll try and add them as soon as they start working! This is my first post after a loonnnggg crazy summer. It makes me sad just talking about it, I miss it soomuch. To keep you updated, I went to California (my future home!), I have never loved a place more. I went to NYC's fashion week which was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, defiantly going again next year! Anyways I've been saving up for a new pair of boots and I need everyones opinion! Which ones do you like best:
I know theres like a million shoes that i just listed but make sure to look at all of them and tell me you favorites! thankss guyss!



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necklace: cargo bay (boutique near by)
bracelet: BCBG max azria
C: Got both of these for my birthday, and i completely love them. I've already worn the bracelet once but im searching for the perfect outfit to pair the peacock necklace with! If ya have any good ideas let me know!
also just a few things on my list of things to buy:
-black over the knee boots**
-floral doc. martens
-silver over the knuckle rings
-chunky sweaters**
-just more olive green everything:)
+++i'm out.


stuck in the past

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me (casey) and mag on the bottom right. Up in Montauk for maggies birthday!!
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me and my little cousin lauren(:
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my friends dad aka.MR.V!! at the beach.. taken threw my sunglasses
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ok so i went to this thing at macys where we met him^ i believe his name is Derek and i think he said he was the personal shopper for the people on the real housewife's? I got to dress a model with macys clothe s, and i won an $100 giftcard to macys!! i bought a pair of guess combat boots and only had to pay $20.
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my friend molly sitting on our dream car up at miscuamicut beach, RI
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just a few horses at this farm by my grandmas house..loved the lighting so i made my dad stop so i could get a picture :)
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homecoming!! i wore a green velvet dress from LF, handmade from London!!!
C. OK so maggie stinks at making posts!!!! (i mean i love them when she makes them, but she's always so busy!!) I HOPE YOU READ THIS MAG.tehee.. i texted her to make one but since she didn't respond, i figured ill throw a few photos together from this summer! enjoy. +++i'm out


olive green happens to be my favorite color

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C: Back to our usual picnic spot! Complete beautiful weather.. Its getting chili here now and as much as i love the changing leaves, it would be perfect if it were about 10 degrees warmer! I (Casey) just made a new header today, so hope ya all like it!! Don't forget to let everyone know that we're starting up MC's Closet again:) +++i'm out.
ps. i'm stopping by a flea market tomarrow, CAN'T WAIT!!
casey:thrifted cargo pants, LF cropped top, thrifted necklace, jeffrey campbell platform clogs
mag: LF high waisted shorts, LF cut out shoulder top, thrifted wedges



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C: Hey everyone, we are officially back! We took a break over the summer since we were both traveling... but you know what that means.. pictures on top of pictures on top of pictures. We completely missed blogging and are excited to get back into. I (Casey) also broke my camera over the summer and just bought a new one yesterday! So excited. I had been stuck using a crappy one that i couldn't even hook up to my computer! Ok well keep on the lookout for the next post!!!! +++i'm out
maggie (left): LF high wasted floral shorts (really mine, hehe), LF cut out shoulders
casey: thrifted cargo pants, LF cropped top