olive green happens to be my favorite color

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C: Back to our usual picnic spot! Complete beautiful weather.. Its getting chili here now and as much as i love the changing leaves, it would be perfect if it were about 10 degrees warmer! I (Casey) just made a new header today, so hope ya all like it!! Don't forget to let everyone know that we're starting up MC's Closet again:) +++i'm out.
ps. i'm stopping by a flea market tomarrow, CAN'T WAIT!!
casey:thrifted cargo pants, LF cropped top, thrifted necklace, jeffrey campbell platform clogs
mag: LF high waisted shorts, LF cut out shoulder top, thrifted wedges

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paola said...

olive green and flowers! my wardrobe is full of flowers on skirt, shirts, thights! i think i'll still wear them even in winter. they bring happiness and light! love those shorts!