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C: first off, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Unfortunettly it came on a sunday this year:( But I went to a halloween party friday and saturday night. These photos are from saturday. It was a ton of fun, but i was so bummed that i left my camera battery in my charger, so i didn't get any pics. These were just a few photos my friend took before her camera died. I was a biker chick with my friend ashley. So NO that ciggarette is not real! haha, its a fake one i got in Lake George with my friend kristen (the one who was taylor swift in the first picture). Anyways, sorry about the slow updates! Mags been waiting to show you a vintage necklace she just got but her camera hasn't been working! WEll off to write an essay and read 94 pages by tomarrow... +++i'm out.
ps. i felt the need to add that last photo! it was my favorite costume of the night. my friend emma and her boyfriend nick were juno and polly bleaker :) hehe i loved it


xs said...

fun costumes . . . love the biker outfits!

loft in soho said...

Great shots dear!

Love the outfits,