“But tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun”
- The Beetles
M: Now I know you may not want to read this, too much writing, too many words, I understand. This post is for me, to reflect on 2009, and look back on the good and the bad. Those 365 days consisted of so much, there were moments and memories that changed my life. I think about the time when we would run, without a care in the world, laugh until we clenched our stomachs, cried until no more tears could be shed, and screamed in both joy and anger. I think about the day this blog was started, how excited we were to hear from you guys! And now and then I sometimes think about how many things I could have changed about that year. Now that time is behind us, oh 2009, so much happened within you, but hopefully there is much more to continue. I will be happier, only think of the positive, and only cry of excitement... goodbye 2009, and HELLO 2010!
P.S Happy new year! 2010 BABY


Olivia said...

This is such a cool video. Love it!


Style Bird said...

This video is great! I love to draw and doodle too.

Annika said...

Great video!

Natalie`s blog said...

what a gorgeous picture! this video is so cheerful! btw happy new year!

Elen said...

happy new year! hope it rocks!


Alyssa said...

Hah that video was mesmorizing! Yes, 2010 will be great! Cheers to that!

MC's Closet said...

thanks everyone for the kind comments!
The video had originally been longer, but flickr cut it down for some reason. But there will be more to come so no worries :)

--casey :)

Emma said...

I can honestly say that I really enjoyed watching this!