doLL face

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f21 sequin skirt, vintage top, thrifted & h&m bracelets.
C: So i found this hanger in my closet, and couldn't get over how cute it was! Anyways, i'm hoping to take a trip to the mall today.. this is what i NEED: funky dress for a sweet16, basic oversized&graphic tees, some kind of coat!?!? So i'll let you know how that goes:) Oh! and i was at UO the other day and picked up some cut off mitten gloves and studded black shoes (somewhat like oxfords)! Be expecting more with our latest buys!! +++i'm out.


S. said...

ha, thats so cute :)

Ebaa said...

very nice outfit :)

Olof said...

answ: Thanks!! :) All the photos that are posted on my blog are taken with a Canon EOS 400D, but I've just purchased a Canon EOS 7D!!! I haven't had so much time to use it yet though! :)

jessica wu said...

love the sequin skirt and loose shirt!

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Alyssa said...

I don't know how you feel about a basic peacoat but I just found a really cute one and gifted it for xmas. Now I'm obsessed! Vogue's got 'em 'Most Wanted'. Just a thought! :)