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What a long day that was. First, Cas and I went to Island Beach (a little island in CT), then went shopping on Greenwich Ave. and then out to dinner at California Pizza. Greenwich Ave. officially is my favorite place. My favorite store was LF, anyone ever been there? If you haven't then you're really missin' out! It was full of my favorite styles. Jean button downs, vintage dresses, studded shoes, Bensimon sneakers, graphic tees, gumbo rings, layered necklaces, and wacky belts. I was lucky and came out with a pair of dark grey Bensimon sneakers for only 27 bucks! Originally 68! LOVE IT.


puenktchen said...

i love love love love this!

MC's Closet said...

thanksss I'm glad you do! :)
p.s I'm a huge fan of your blog! If you look on our favorite blog list on the side bar, you're on it!


shY said...

I agree, this is good. It's a shame I haven't heard of any of the stores you are talking about :(

MC's Closet said...

Thanks shY!
LF (where I bought my bensimons) is in nyc, ct, la and other places. Here's their website: www.lfstores.com/
The problem is that the website is completly different from the store, and really doesn't have much.