dress to express.

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unknown heels, LF jeans, Freedom leather jacket, h&m top, 
f21 necklace, thrifted rings.
C: Thanks a bunch to Fashion Jinx for featuring us on their blog!! 
We are thrilled :) Also love all your wonderful comments!
FASHION JINX URL--(fashionjinx.blogspot.com/)
"I don't do fashion. I am fashion"
--Coco Chanel
+++i'm out.


Marcia B. said...

wow i love your freakin jeans, the back pockets are hottt

June Paski said...

I want steal ur studded jeans, they're awesome >.<


Lara Natascha said...

darling you ask me which nikon i use :)
i use the 50x or something :D
But i can say that every nikon is absolutly good!
You will love it!

bisou-joue said...

taht's such a great outfit ! love the studded pockets of your jeans !

XAVS said...

excellent post! By the way, you look terrific in Jinx' post, congrats!

Justine said...

Beautiful jean !

MC's Closet said...

thanks everybody for the lovely comments!!!

love, casey:)

Charlotte said...

OMG I LOOOVE YOUR SHOES! really awsome outfit.

M* said...

Amazing jeans!

julia said...

nice outfit!!

sv: yes aren't they?:D

Clara said...

Amazing jeans!
i love the look.

Soraya said...

Wow, love the Jeans! Great Outfit! ;)

anna said...

omg nice pic ! serious love love. found youre blog at hannamw.bubleroom.
i will put your blog with my favourites

Katherine said...

I love your jeans! You have amazing style. :)