I believe I can fly.

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Nicole Farhi sweater, vintage tights, Dr. Marten boots
M: Praying Cas and I will get a chance to go to UO :)! I'm focusing on buying new funky tights, black leather leggings, tangled necklaces, and big sweaters like the one above. I also hope hope hope we can get seats in fashion week! My dad's client might be able to get us some, but we won't find out until a week before! I'm so anxious to know! It would be a dream come true.
P.S Thank you so much for the sweet comments, and a special thanks to Fashion Jinx for featuring us on their blog (coming sunday)! You guys have been such an inspiration! We love seeing all your comments :)


Delmy said...

Love your sweater!

shY said...

You totally deserve to be featured. Your blog is amazing, and it's all really an inspiration. Love on you!

MC's Closet said...

M: Thank you so much! I love seeing these comments :)

Simona said...

Are those mesh tights? You say they're vintage, any idea where I can get similar? How would you describe them?

You look fabulous as always!