black and white.

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M: Went to the Stamford mall with Cas today. Stopped into Zara quickly, and then shopped till we dropped at H&M and of course, Forever21. We came back with two shirts, a pale pink T, and an olive green pocket dress. Now off to figure out my outfit for school tomorrow....


Ale. said...

Both outfits are great, you've to love Chuck Taylor's & black/white stripes.


Alma said...

and I LOVE your blog nd your outfits are awesome!! ;D

Nahna said...

I love this - it's a cute blog u have there! Keep in touch! Love ur style!!! <3

Olivia said...

These outfit's are amazing.
I'm in love with everything you guys wear.

WHAAT!? 13 followers? You guys deserve way more than that! Honestly guys, I thought you'd be like in the hundreds.
If it's okay, I'm going to feature about you guys on my blog, I don't have a ton of followers either but hopefully it will get you some more followers as you definitely deserve them!

Olivia at www.pretty-polaroid.blogspot.com

MC's Closet said...

thankyou everyone, you're all so nice!
Olivia we would definatly LOVE to be featured on your blog! if you need to contact us our email is below. We really really hope for our blog to become bigger some day! These features really help our us to become better known, so this really helps!
Thanks again! :)

^our email.


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

LOVE classic B/W..

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Nathalie said...

Nice shots!

a. said...

pretty cool, especially no°1.

Alyssa said...

Sounds like my mall routine. I love your outfits and your blog is great as well! Keep in touch :)

Jane said...

gosh ive always loved this look. you girls look great!

Anonymous said...

you two look amazing!

Olivia said...

Heey! I sent you the email with the questions to mcscloset@hotmail.com,
I don't know whether I've got the right email.
Email back soon? xx

MC's Closet said...

okay sorry olivia i posted the wrong email its mcscloset@live.com


Elin said...

amazing pictures!