On the weekends, lets dance*

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Casey (3rd pic, left in 1st pic): LF dress, vintage boots, vintage scarf.
Maggie (2nd pic, right in 1st pic): H&M shirt, leather jacket, french connection leggings, doc marten boots.
M: More shots from our wonderful fashion field trip. We came a little late to our classes so we could get some pictures of us on the beautiful fall day. The college was a perfect photo opt, we couldn't resist! Any readers belong to the FCCLA club? Let us know if you do! Need to go shopping again.:) Dyeing for a pair of black studded wedges. Gahhhhh.


thehautepursuit said...

Hi lovelies,
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Are the toes of the Doc Martens' kinda pointy??? If so, I love them and need them.
Hope to see you around soon!

MC's Closet said...

Love your blog, i'm so jealous of all your clothes! Especially those animal print topshop wedges, those have been my dream! Yessss, the Doc Martens have a pointy toe which I love, you should totally get them. So worth it

ciao! m

loft in soho said...

Cool shots and outfits ♥
thanks for the visit,


Faridah said...

You guys both look so amazing. I love the black and white combination. The black scarf with the white dress was a perfect choice!

Meagan said...

I'm loving those boots. You two are hot for sure!



Very cool outfits you two :)

oriwa said...

you two are both so cute! both outfits are flawless!

x oriwa editorial

Jenna said...

I'm really loving both of these outfits.
xoxo JR

folktime said...

rad boots