Louise Galvin

M&C: Louise Galvin is a Natural Shampoo company made from all natural shampoo products!! If you check out the website you will see they won “The Green Beauty Bible Awards”, for all of their going green products. They have shampoos for all kinds of hair, including: Normal, Fine, and of course Thick & Curly (just like ours). Haha :) I mean we all know that your hair can help make or break the whole outfit. You can shop online which is great, and all of the prices are reasonable. There’s also some products for Colour Treated Hair. Although we don’t dye our hair, we know there is plenty of you rocker chicks with that awesome bleached blonde hair ;) Gotta love that. They also have all kinds of products from the ‘Carbon Natural Beauty’ range, and they keep away from those chemicals that end up doing harm to your hair. You can call them, or send them an email if you need any help finding your perfect shampoo. They also have this great category called press! It shows you all kinds of magazines/catalogues that feature or include Louise Galvin hair products. Even Vogue has had some kind of article about this company, so how could you not try it???

Well, go check out their website now!!

Hope you found this interesting.

Natural Shampoo

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PS. MERRRRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!! (hoping to make a christmas-y post tomorrow!)

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