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DIY vest, thrifted skirt, vintage tee..
C: Aloha. Here's the vest with the sleeves cut off!! I totally love it, thanks everyone for convincing me. haha. Todays just been one of those lazy old Sundays, although i did get my christmas tree:) I wish i had brought my camera, the thousands of snow covered trees looked extra beautiful. Well, this will surely be a school outfit in the upcoming week! Hope you like it.. +++i'm out.
oh & remember to check back soon-- some good buys from our mall trip yesterday. ;)


Fashion Chalet said...

Thank you :)

oooooh I love the studs + your Wang braid!


Jes said...

Perfect outfit babe. That vest looks fantastic x

Emma said...

love studs! need to try that asap

I love your guys' blog tres tres cool


cla-sib said...

now the vest is incredible!! like it so much..

and i have the yellow one also in green.. red+yellow+green =)=)

xoxo claudia

Maj said...

thank's for all your comment!! =) / Maj, High On Life

Ellevictoire said...

that DIY vest is amazing. love the outcome! and your braid is so cute :)

IDYLLE said...

wauw, you both are so beautiful.
i love your hair and cloths!

Style Bird said...

Your shirt looks fab..I love your braid too. xoxo ava

Zanah said...

J'aime your DIY vest... looks really good :) Mon Mode Blog

a. said...

great plait.

Malin said...

Wow. You look really great!