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C: I'm back!! just got home this mornin' (had to wake up at 5am!). But as sad as i am to be back from that lovely warmth, i'm happy to see everybody! Although i am not looking forward to getting back into our usual school schedule.blech. Anyways, this outfit is what i wore on the plain and i've realized how much i love flannel shirts :) Oh but i also went shopping there! I ended up buying an oversized pinstriped button down, olive green (favorite color) jacket, and a studded jean jacket. Not too much ...most of my hours were spent reading 'Dear John' by the pool. But expect many many many pictures, COMING SOON! haha. +++i'm out.


Sooo L.A. said...

Hi!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog, you are too sweet! How exciting that you are coming to LA!!! What dates will you be here? Let me know maybe I'll see you around town hehe :)

PS, I love your flannel, I myself am a big fan of flannels and anything loose-fitted, especially while traveling! :)


Style Bird said...

I love your boots..xo ava

Clara said...

lovely boots
great blog

Velvet Rose said...

thanks for the comment =) very nice blog!

Lisette said...

Nice pics <3