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C: So, today i took a trip to LF, which was having a 60% off EVERYTHING sale!! These were my few purchases, I'm sort of saving up for florida so i didn't want to waste my money (although i found a supercute pair of boots i might have to go back and get). Oh! And about florida, me and my friend ended up spending almost 8 hours at the airport in hope we could get a flight out that day..but clearly that didn't work out! But it's all good, we're taking off early monday morn. :) So this will be my last post as an albino person.. HOPEFULLY! haha. ok, well i'm off to the movies to see Valentines Day (AGAIN). +++i'm out.
1st pic: sheer sparkle tanktop (it's not really multicolored, photo booth just messes with the colors)
2nd pic: one of a kind vintage cropped tee, with lace at the bottom -- SUCH A GREAT I DEA FOR A DIY!!!
3rd pic: flowy oversized quarter sleeved tee! (dark grey) I actually happen to be wearing it this very moment:)

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Alyssa said...

I love the last pic! Sorry, I've been totally slacking on comments. School is SO much! When are you coming to FL?? :)