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C: Hey so was looking through my photoalbum and found this picture of the Santa Monica pier in the distance! I'm going to Cali in exactly 23 days.. the countdown is writtin on my calendar:) My mom and I booked a few nights in Venice, are hoping to also stay at Laguna Beach, and Santa Monica too. I'm so excited, my only worries are that i'm going to have so many pictures to show you, and i won't know how to narrow them down! hahaa.
But here's where we are planning to visit: FIDM +other colleges, Hollywood (i want to see the sign!), Santa Monica +pier (i plan to go on the ferris wheel), venice beach, Laguna beach, Beverly hills (90210!!!!), Malibu.. i'm just dying with anticipation. ohh and i just can't wait for those east coast sunsets over the ocean! :) +++i'm out.
ps. mags going to a soccer tourney all weekend! It's supposed to be nice and sunny this weekend, so i'll snap some good pics:)

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Marina said...

awesome picture! I wish I could be in Santa Monica...
Love your blog! :)