I intend to live forever -- so far, so good.

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C: Heyheyhey! Just got back from soccer and track.. i reek! hahaa. But anyways this is just a pic of me and my doggie. I'm completely dreading tomarrow, considering we have our first track meet in possibly 88% weather? kill me now! Anyways, I'M SO EXCITED FOR CALIFORNIA.. practically like 3 days left!!! Still haven't started packing, but whatever. Just so excited. Oh and that K'Naan and Wale concert the other night was so sick, i didn't want to risk losing my camera so i didn't bring it, but hopefully my friend will put up pictures soon:) I wore lord&&taylor leather leggings, LF sparkle tank, ninewest buckle boots, and my DNC studded jean jacket. Well, off to go shower!!!! +++i'm out.

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Olivia said...

have fun in california!
andd, i love this picture.