shinin' bright

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deena & ozzy sequin jacket, levi handcut shorts, UO oversized sweater, layered thrifted headbands
C: Shinin' bright, shinin' far
don't be shy, be a star
where ya live, where ya are
be a starrrr!
... oh the wise words of Tyra Banks (from the movie Life Size)-- that's the easiest song to get stuck in your head! WELL, once again, sorry about the slow posting. I spent all of Sunday making a scrap book for my english class, had a birthday party to attend on Saturday night, babysat Friday.. SHEESH! Although, i'm planning to work on my photo wall this weekend.. I'm planning on tacking up about 3 pieces of typical string, and clothes pinning a bunch of pictures I have developed in my black and white photo class. That should be up within the next couple of posts. Oh and this jacket? Got it in California, still trying to find a way to dress it down.. i'm so eager to wear it to school! Ok, well i gotta go to bed.. heading off to the Bronx zoo tomorrow with my Bio class. +++i'm out.


NLR said...

Beautiful photos! And I love your outfit ;-)

Melissa said...

love your outfit!

Aimee said...

i love the jacket, lovely outfit!