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C: okay, so clearly there is going to be some slow posting right now. Its been about a week of summer so far, and i am loving life more than ever. I can't imagine having to actually go to school. EW. Anyways i've been back and fourth to the beach about 20 times so far and its awesome. Today i went to my friends pool club, tomorrow night i'm babysitting, and then i'm hoping something fun's going on for the fourth of july! It sucks because i'm terrified to bring my camera out at night because i'm afraid i'm going to loose it or it's gunna break! But maybe i'll take it for the fourth. Also, i'm going to create a summer bucket list, so that will definetly be my next post:) ok well i'm just watching the food network now and doing my nails, but off to bed soon! +++i'm out.
ps. i ordered this eagle ring on ebay and i'm loving it...its huge so i might also put it on a chain as a necklace:)


Alyssa said...

Hey ladiesss!

I'll forgive your slowness because I've been nearly non-existent on the blog scene for a minute now.

Happy Summer!!!

I do wanna hear about this summer bucket list though!

Anonymous said...

Are you still making blogposts or was this just a phaze?