wearing a bird on my ears

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C: As i promised..... The peacock earrings i bought over thanksgiving weekend from forever 21! i practically screamed when i saw them, since i've been searching for a pair. Anyways, we are back into track season, but i should still be able to make time for poSts!! Oh, plus our mall was redone and there's now a Panera bread, and soon to be an H&M, i couldn't be more excited!!!!!! But now I'm off to eat dinner and watch some more law and order(: +++i'm out.
ps. whats on everyones christmas lists!?!? only 25 days, so im in the process of writing mine!


cat said...


I would like to ask here,if possible is to upload some pictures within any blog comment in some/any way? tnx


MC's Closet said...

hi cat,

i'm not exactly sure what you're asking? you want to upload a picture in your blog comment? :/

i'm not sure iff that is possible.

write back, casey

Anonymous said...

peacock feathers are my fav :) and so is law and order, so from these two things i can conclude that you have great taste haha


Hanne. said...

Love the earrings!!