Stephen Einhorn

Stephen Einhorn’s designs for individuals website has a variety of unique jewelry pieces. Being a fan of more thick and chunky jewelry, i’ve personally found that the the rings are the best part of these designs. I totally want the eagle ring below! They also have snake rings, lion rings, bull rings, and skulls. There is a whole section of skull jewelry which has bracelets, necklaces, rings, everything! There’s also a whole Rock and Gothic section that is my personal favorite. If you just look through our blog you can see we’re not hardcore goth but we love the whole leather, buckle, and chains look. There’s even a pair of fang earrings- yes fangs, like vampires! For the simple chick there is also lots of pearls and small beautiful options. Their materials range from 14k gold, to diamond, to pearl, to platinum and many more. And there’s these extremely cute heart packagings that can have whatever piece of jewelry you want inside. Too bad valentines day is over! But maybe for mothers day or something? But now onto the topic of wedding rings. Well they do have plenty of the typical perfect diamond ring, but knowing my natural ability to lose jewelry, diamonds just terrify me. I’ve always loved the idea of getting a tattooed wedding ring. Luckily i don’t have to worry about that yet, but i guess its fun to think about what you’d want. Well i’ve found the perfect wedding ring on here, i’m all set:). It’s called the “Love Wedding Ring”, its one of the new designs and its so simple yet unique. I really like it in platinum. haha. I heard somewhere that there is only enough platinum in the world to fill 2 swimming pools. Who knows if its true but i think thats pretty cool.

If you need to find something for your man there’s also quite a variety of mens jewelry Go check it out!!!

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