high waisted obsession

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C: I've been overloading with summer clothes already. My 3rd pair of levi jean shorts is on its way!!!!!... crap i need to save my money. I also ordered a fishnet like american flag sweater, a feather earcuff, and also stopped by the salvation army last weekend picking up 6 items. I'm babysitting Saturday though so hopefully i will earn it all back! Hoping to do something wild friday for saint pattys day. I'M GOING TO NYC TOMORROW THOUGH FOR THE PARADE:) don't worry, i'll take lotsof photos. Anyways me and mag are overly excited for the kid cudi concert we're going to on May 1st. God, the warm weather needs to hurry on up. +++i'm out.
(shorts:levis, top:LF)

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Bella|Lea said...

Yeah it's really scary! Hopefully we'll live a few more years ;)