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C: SooOoo.. i am currently relying on photo booth because i don't know where the cord to connect the backup camera to my computor is... But i'm getting my good camera fixed so that should change soon. Anyways, we went on a field trip today to Boston, the bus consumed about 3/4 of the time, but i was so delirious that it was fun. We did get to go to urban though were i got a bandeau bathingsuit top, sparkly nail polish, and 3 graphic tees. It was pretty torturous to not be able to buy everything else in the store that's not on sale... Welllllll i love this bandana, it's an american flag pattern. I've currently been obsessed with american flag stuff soOo ya. Also wearing some thrifted john lennon glasses, f21 muscle tee, and white nail polish which i love. +++i'm out.

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