major studding on its way!

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Ph:both mine
C: Hello there. Well I'll start off by letting you know that today was the beginning to 6 straight months of hell. TRACK SEASON HAS BEGUN! But other than that and a quick stop to the dentist, my day pretty much went off as usual... Although! I haven't yet told you about my DIY plans :) So I'm about to order some studs online, because I stopped at a thrift store this weekend and realized they needed to be my next purchase! At the shop, i picked up: a Jimi Hendrix graphic tee, some wacky brown wedge sneakers, a ruffle oversized top, and a few other simple Items. Oh and this wonderful jean top that i am planning to cut the sleeves off and cover the back in studs (keep in touch for that post:)! And before i go, i'm hoping to purchase black oxfords & a black blazer.YES.
+++i'm out.
black free people top, thrifted vintage necklace


Style Bird said...

I love your necklace, beautiful photo of you.I can't wait to see your DIY. xo ava

róisín said...

Such a lovely necklace!! And oxfords & blazers are my life right now.


p.s. Thanks so much or visiting my blog!

monkeytoes said...

i want your hot necklace!!

Alyssa said...

So lucky to have found that necklace thrifting. Truly magnificent!

Zanah said...

Love the photography! :) Mon Mode Blog