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C: Hi guys! Sorry about the slow posting, we've been super busy with school and everything:( But I'm happy to say i finally got a black blazer, YES!! Unfortunately no black oxfords, but that is now my #1 on my Christmas List. Also! My studs came today, and i started working on my new jean vest. Will certainly be my next post:) Oh and this is just a picture of a past trip to Urban Outfitters! maggie: unknown lace tee, leather jacket, H&M leggings, jcrew sidebag. casey:unknown waffle shirt, thrifted jean vest, calvin klein tights,thrifted fringe bag, and vintage+thrifted jewlery. Mag should be making a post tomorrow. keep in touch!
+++i'm out.
(oh and you may have noticed there was a slight change in the picture, we decided we liked this one better)


Uniqua said...

I can't wait to see the jean vest ! casey : I love your gray shirt ;)

ANN said...

I can't wait to see your vest! & I love both outfits in that picture.