Astley Clarke

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M&C: We’ve recently stumbled upon AstleyClarke.com, which sells lots of different kinds of designer jewellery! They have all ranges of prices, which means everyone can afford at least something. We found all kinds of jewellery we would love to give out for the holidays and a bunch of rings we would love have ourselves. All kinds jewelry including many with birthstones, which we think is just so cool! Ours happen to be Sapphire (Casey’s) and Opal (Maggie’s). If you are looking for an idea to buy your mom, friend, sister, or grandma, then this would be the place to go. They even have a Christmas section for special gifts! They also have over 800 items you can browse through, or you can narrow it down to the kinds you like. Here’s a quote from their website, this is what they’re all about “In the ritual of getting dressed - and most especially in the ritual of getting dressed to kill - there are three elements which are more intimate, more personal, and more powerfully seductive than even the perfect LBD or the most heart-stopping pair of Louboutins. Namely, your lingerie, your perfume, and last but by no means least, your jewellery.” I mean we all know you need some jewellery to make an outfit truly heart-stopping.

Go check it out, you’ll love their stuff!

Don't forget to let us know how you like it too :)



Jes said...

So so true. I always feel that much better when i have my jewels and great underwear on. :) Heading over to the site now, like what you displayed. Maybe a christmas present for myself is on the cards :P

ANN said...

I've never heard of her, going to check out her site right now!

Style Bird said...

Cool. Your outfit in the post below is great.

jungii the king said...

Looking hot !