you knock me off my feet

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thrifted lace top & shoes. Levi hand-cut shorts. Calvin Klein tights
C: So, there's only 4 school days left until December break! I am just so excited!!!! And only 8 days until Christmas. Wow, time is just shooting by. Well my list so far is: Nikon d3000 (not really expecting it--super expensive), black oxfords, black side-cross bag, and tons of clothes+money. *oh and i'm hoping for tons of corky mittens, i don't know what i would do with out them! haha. What's on your guys list?! Let us know. +++i'm out.
Ps. planning to take my mom to NYC this Sunday for her b-day/Christmas.. be expecting pics ;)


Dirty Hair Halo said...

Hope you get the D3000, that's what I use! Just don't forget the remote shutter release, it's perfect for us fashion bloggers.



Alyssa said...

Ahh I love all the textures of this outfit.. the lace, denim, and sheer tights. & I like your hair in a braid!
Let's see, I have a teapot and a new ipod on my list. Hope you get the camera! I was considering that but I need to get serious about photography and outfit posts before I commit to a nice camera.
Oh and I love love love your blog x2. Once for you and once for Maggie! :)

Helen said...

oooh im waiting to get a canon 7D! cant wait!

Just discovered your blog and love it!

great outfit btw

helen x

btw i have a giveaway on my blog! check it out!

Malin said...

Love your tights. They look like those from Topshop. <3 And I think it's great that you still likes my pics. We call it Malmö eye. haha. Copy cat! The whole city is white! ihh! Longing for christmas, do you?

Jes said...

LOVE this outfit. Shoes are total score! :)

Flora said...

oh my your top is divine!!

Tilda said...

I like your outfit! :)