lost in the fog

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C: Woke up to an unusually foggy day today...must have hit the snooze button about 50 times? I snapped a pic on my way to my neighbors this mornin' (she drives me to school). Pretty comfterble outfit..express black jeans, LF boots, thrifted fishnet top, levi jean jacket... oh and i'm wearing this seafoam green nail polish, i love it! nail polish is my new hobbie, i've been mixing it on tin foil and making any color i want:) well.. off to have some ice cream w/blueberrys & strawberrys. YES (unfortunately track season is back, this means i can feast every day again!). +++i'm out.


Melissa said...

love the fishnet top! i wish i could wear what we want for school, i have to wear uniform-and no nail polish!!


Valerie said...

great look and like the top, like the edge. great blog

Alexandria said...

I love your boots, I want them!