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C:Hey there! Sorry about the super-dooper slow posting! (I BLAME IT ON MAG! haah, she's in block island thought..unfair) Anyways so i have made multiple trips to LF over the past weeks of their blowout sale. I've gotten lots of stuff that i can't wait to show ya! Also i went to a sweet 16 last night, wearing an h&m velvet dress w/ puffy shoulders, steve madden purple pumps, and a thrifted studded clutch. Pictures will be up soon, i'm just waiting for some of my friends to add upload them, because my camera died:( OH, AND I HAVE JUST 13 DAYS UNTIL CALIFORNIA!..you have NO IDEA how excited i am. oh and my mom is trying to convince me to pack light.. FUNNY. +++i'm out
PS. first pic= oldie
second pic= some film from my photos (i'll put some of those up soon aswell. oh boy.. i got lots to do)


Anonymous said...

the lace from the first picture is amazing

Melissa said...

great photos, have a good time in califorina!