DaNncing Queen

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C: TIGT? Thank god for no sschool tomarrow.. i'm so done with it! Tonight i'm just layin' low, but i'm so excited for all the beautiful weather this weekend. It's supposed to be in the mid seventies.. yes. Tomarrow i just plan to catch some rays, but i'm going to a K'Naan and Wale concert with some friends tomarrow night. Can't wait! Oh and this is a photo from the sweet 16 i went to last Saturday. Lately i've just been trying on all kinds of outfits for California, i have no idea what to pack or how i am possibly going to fit it into one suitcase! All i know is i can't wait to visit Big Sur and go to a purple sand beach. :) Oh and i just mixed yellow and black nail polish..olive green! That's my most favorite color. So excited..Haha +++i'm out.

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