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Spanx's founder Sara Blakely cut the feet off a pair of control tights, desiring the affects of control tights, without having to wear tights! The rest was history! Using up her savings to morph this prototype into footless body-shaping hosiery she sped to success, selling 50,000 pairs in the first three months. Tens of thousands have since indulged in her miracle inventions. Spanx allows you to hold in your tum, bum, thighs or waist with their control top, power panties, or all the way up suit. Under any outfit, these innovative designs will make you look stunning and streamlined! The Spanx website can filter to whichever type of tight you like, Brand, Product type, thickness, color, finish, brief, toe, and occasion. They also have a top ten, the number one happens to be our personal favorites- they are black knee high tights, with attaching suspenders, for only $19.95! There is also every color you could want for basic tights, and those are only $7.75/$9.75. We also liked the short ankle lace tights, they would look just perfect with a pair of wedges. One last item we liked were the walford diamond tights, so make sure to check those out.

This website is called “MyTights” and they are waiting for you to all go fill up your baskets with every kind of tights. From elegant fashion, to funky fashion, to fishents, lace, or patterned. They have all the categories. They even have multiple designers, including Calvin Klein and a few others. Make sure to stop by while browsing around the internet.

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