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Founded in 2002 and based in Paris, SU75 was born from a central idea: to give the hip, fashion and urban population of the city a brand that
fits them inside and out.
Combining high quality materials and workmanship with sharp design, SU75 has seen its distribution grow to more than 200 selected multi-label stores in just 6 years.
The brand takes its inspiration from a “casual-chic” lifestyle, mixing fabrics, colours, and styles.
Dedicated to men and women who know that an individual look can grow from subtlety in design, SU75 has successfully bridged the gap between
high-fashion and modern sportswear.
For our collections, SU75 offers a new vision in leather. Inspired by classical models, the collection combines vintage and modern design to
create something new.
Each model from our collection are limited editions with single lining from the famous «Liberty Fabric» based in the United Kingdom.
SU75 is also a short winky collection that seduces every fashionistas.
These are the «Must haves»; Tank tops and Tee Shirts I LOVE/ I HATE are kind of love spell to fashion designers and fed up message with Top models.
Show your own feeling with fashionable basic tops!
Two dedicated shops in Paris, in the two most street-fashion centres, Oberkampf and Le Marais.
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