wAAke Up!$%^&*

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f21 blue tights, LF muscle top, f21 arm band, NYC lipstick
C: Back from slacking! I've been sick for almost a week, but i am now FINALLY better, ugh it was awful. SO MERRY CHRISTMAS? we missed it... I got lots of little goodies and i'm planning to go get my desert boots from urban that i've been dying for!!! .. along with a (fake) snakeskin backback, unlimited sheer dresses, and nordic printed everything!! Well what did all you bloggers get!?!? we want to know!!! (oh yea, mags in florida.. not fair)... i'm out!
ps. which dress do you like better for the counties dance that i have to go to (long dress necessary..poop)


Alyssa said...

Ughhh I wanna an arm band! haha
Happy Holidays!

Miriam said...

The last one :)