"So let me take your picture, so i don't forget ya"

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C: While being trapped inside for 5 days because of this crappy weekend, I've become very inspired by all the blogs and photos i've looked over... So now ofcourse I add another thing to my to do list every day!
1-make a fisheye camera lens ((click here ))
2- make some cut up leggings with zippers on them
3-buy polaroid film & figure out how to use my polaroid camera
4-go to the farm by maggies house and take some sweet shots in the snow!!!!
....... oh and finish harry potter!!! i've decided to read the whole series, almost done with the 1st:)
We'll see how it all goes, considering midterms are this week, i have 2 trackmeets this weekend, and i've been busy getting ready for the upcoming counties dance :)
oh well, +++i'm out.
ps. these are some photos i have on my wall combined from california, yellowstone national park, the bronx zoo, and just around my yard

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