hearts in her eyes

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C: Got my heart shaped sunglasses in the mail recently, i totally love them. I think it might be the fact that i probably had the same exact pair when i was little that makes me love them so much. Well, i'm so ready to get the puck out of here and head to florida. I can't bare looking at my ghostly face in the mirror anymore. I don't like the whole orange look, but i just look like a vampire or something. HOPEFULLY THERE'LL BE GOOD SHOPPING DOWN THERE TOO=]. one day left, i think i can do it. +++i'm out.
(ps. i'm starting up tumblr --->http://shreddedlove.tumblr.com/)


SoFranni Finesse said...

cute sunglasses!

NLR said...

Love this picture, you look great! xx