lace triangles

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C: Hi so i am kind of obsessed with this bra/bralette/whatever you want to call it. I can't wait until its summer and i can wear oversized tanks over this and just head off to the beach. WAA!! Last night my friend had a backlight party and it was awesome, we got giant speakers and had body paint. Unfortunately i didn't have my camera, just my little disposable one, although i am so excited to see all the different pictures i've gathered over the past few months on that thing. But i'll put up some sweet shots of lastnight once my friend puts them on facebOOk. alsoooo, i'm going to sammy adams tonight!!!!! just borrowed a bright red skirt from mag and i plan to wear it with a thrifted lace shirt, BCBG studded bracelet, and guess combat boots. ill bring my disposal love there as well.. Ok well +++i'm out.

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